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Name:Parasomnia IC
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A game of dreams, anonymity, and murder featuring...

  • The murders and trials you know and love… following formats similar to mafia and Danganronpa, each week will have motives, victims, and a list of suspects on trial, facing execution if found guilty by their peers in the Experimental Group.

  • …With an anonymous twist! The selection of the culprit’s victims is randomized not only OOC, but IC as well! Murder innocent children, your friends, or even your sweet old grandma! Trials are also done anonymously, so shy characters can speak up without fear, two-faced jerks can let their jerk flag fly, and the case can get solved by the cat who can’t speak in real life.

  • A lower-pressure app option! While many characters will be involved in the murder game proper, it’s possible to app into the Control Group. These characters do not participate in trials, but can help in murders/investigations and should end up with their own subplot to deal with. They have easier AC requirements and are there to increase the ambiguity IC and add variety to the cast. Perfect for those who would like to play more than one character in the game, people with limited time who still want to try a murdergame, and troublemakers that enjoy causing confusion.

  • Two contrasting settings - one could exist in our world, if our world had crazy dream scientists. The other is the world of dreams, considerably more strange from the whimsical to horrific.

  • And More! - There are plenty of unsolved puzzles and mysteries in the world of Parasomnia. Will you be the one to discover them?

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